About us

"FrameArt" Limited Liability Partnership was founded on 03/03/2003.

Address and main place of business: Astana, Dukenuly street, 17A Tel. 8 701 516 50 75, +7 7172 20 56 42 E-mail: frameart2017@gmail.com The state license of II category No 011383, issued by the Committee for Construction Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (April 9, 2003).

Design work for construction 1. Development of town planning documentation: 1) landscape design and urban design; 2) detailed design project. 2. Architectural design of buildings and structures of I or II and III level of responsibility is also design in seismic regions.

3. Construction design and construction. 4. Designing of engineering systems and networks. 5. Development of special sections of projects: 1) labor protection; 2) anticorrosion protection; 3) fire and burglar alarm, automation, fire fighting and fire protection systems at the design stage for new construction, overhaul, reconstruction or re-equipment of buildings and structures;

4) estimate documentation; 5) construction projects and production projects. 6) Technological design: 6. Public buildings and structures; 7. Objects of industrial purpose; 8. Communication facilities and structures; 9. Agricultural facilities (excluding processing industry enterprises); 10. Transport construction.

All FRAMEs in our mind.




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